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The Rose. Are You Ready to Debut the New You?

Posted by Rita Rocker on April 29, 2014 1:27 pm

(Excerpt from Get Your Combat Boots On Ladies…and Don’t Forget Your Mascara!)

Who isn’t delighted by a gorgeous bouquet of roses? They are beautiful symbols of love, romance, and life itself. These magnificent creations did not start out that way though. What if our lovely flower had a mind? What would it be thinking in the beginning, as a little seed? “I already felt so shriveled, insignificant and lonely, and then someone stuck me down in the ground where I’m all alone”. Storms and scorching heat begin to pelt the little seed in similar fashion to the hard knocks we experience in life. While surviving all of those turbulent moments, its roots begin to grow deep and the rose starts to take the shape of a lovely flower to be delightfully shared somewhere in the world. However, this delicate beauty has an interesting addition–thorns have developed to protect it. Through a process that is not always easy, the rose has developed into a lovely, yet strong and resilient creature. That is where our combat boots come in, to keep up the good fight and to stave off obstacles that come against us while we continue on our journey.

If you, as the gardener, take good care of your seed (your life) and nourish it with good things, you can weather the storms and experience your metamorphosis. The transformation has brought youfrom a tightly closed bud to the magnificent bloom of a mature rose, the most beautiful of flowers anda delightful addition to the world.

No matter what you have been through, be energized by this thought:

“I get up, I walk, I fall down—meanwhile, I keep dancing!”  (author unknown).

Take a deep breath, smile and dance like you’ve never danced before!!

Rita Rocker, National Speaker and International Author, Transformation Academy, LLC

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